AA Beginners Group


Tradition 3. The only requirement for membership
is a desire to stop drinking.

Tradition 11. Our public relations policy is based on
attraction rather than promotion, we need always maintain
personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.

Our goal is to observe the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous,
including on the internet. With this observance it is necessary
to heed the suggestions of A.A. Guidelines concerning the Internet.

'Experience suggests that it is in keeping with the Eleventh Tradition
to not disclose A.A. membership on social networking sites as well as
on any other website, blog, electronic bulletin board, etc.,
unless composed solely of A.A. members and password protected.'

Therefore, we must require all participants to the AA Beginners Group
Video Conference Meetings on Zoom.us to register with that site
and to take advantage of their password protection.

All names and email addresses obtained will be confidential.
AA Beginners Group is composed solely of A.A. members helping
newer members obtain information on AA.

First time members will only have to register once.

Zoom Meeting Instructions

Our Zoom Meetings are password protected as required by AA Guidelines.

If you have desire to stop drinking, consider yourself a member of AA. Members Only will need to:

1. First register with Zoom for your own account. Goto http://zoom.us.
You'll need to provide your email address and select a password for your account.
Be sure to save that information. If you already have a zoom account, goto next step.

2. Then open a new browser. Goto http://zoom.us again and select JOIN a meeting and register with this meeting id: 838 6419 2971
Be sure to answer all questions during registration.

3. Then look in your email for a CONFIRMATION email.
It will have this line in it: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Click Here to Join in your email.
If you don't see an email, check your spam or junk mail folder.

4. Once you get to a window that says, "You are in the waiting room, the host will let you in soon." You are ready to go.
Just wait until it's time for the meeting and be sure to click the same link in that CONFIRMATION email.

Meeting Schedule

Thursday 8:00 PM EST
AA Beginners Group
Zoom Id: 838 6419 2971

Friday 5:00 PM EST
AA Beginners Group
Zoom Id: 838 6419 2971

This website is for taking the 12 steps. A user id and passcode is needed to proceed.

Clear-Cut Directions, Click Here.